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Low-Income Families Receive $500 a Month From City and New Program

You are currently viewing Low-Income Families Receive $500 a Month From City and New Program
Set Money Goes to Needy Families
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Low-income families in Chicago can now sign up to get information about a basic income pilot program. It will send $500 per month to low-income families.

Low-Income Families – Pilot Program

In fact, the Chicago Resilient Communities pilot program will go to provide cash assistance to 5,000 families per month for a year. Then provide them economic stability after the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced this on Thursday. Also, the households are selecting for the program really must have been impacting by COVID-19. It will be selecting using a lottery system.

There are four initiatives Lightfoot did roll out this Spring to fight poverty in Chicago with the program.

Also, together, the three programs are going to be expecting to benefit more than 30,0000 Chicagoans. This is according to a Mayor’s Office news release.

Monthly Cash Assistance

There are those people who do wish to participate in the $31.5 million Chicago Resilient Communities pilot. Also, they can sign up online to get the information. Moreover, they will be able to apply for the program in April. In fact, the city will use a lottery system to determine who does participate.

In fact, residents that are chosen for the program are going to receive $500 per month for 12 months. Also, there will be no strings attaching to the money or limitations than on how it can be spent.

To apply for the lottery, residents must live in the city, be 18 or older, thus have experienced economic hardship relating to the pandemic, and must have a household income at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

Also, the city is work with nonprofits and an advisory group of experts to ensure the program is done in an “equitable and effective” way. It is according to the Mayor’s Office. Also, the Inclusive Economy Lab at the University of Chicago will help city officials review the impact of the pilot.

Domestic Worker Relief Fund

Moreover, the city is going to open applications for its $4.8 million Domestic Worker Relief Fund in April. In fact, the fund is going to provide a one-time grant of $500 to eligible domestic workers.

However, the city did not immediately share more information about the fund or eligibility requirements.

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