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Snowbird Shipping Services


A snowbird avoids the topsy-turvy, unpredictable weather environment we find ourselves in nowadays, winter can go on seemingly forever. For this reason alone, many people escape to rental homes or second residences in warm-weather cities. This practice is extremely popular with people from Chicago who hightail it to places like Florida during the brutal winter months.

The problem with moving for an extended period to warm-weather climates is figuring out how to get around while you’re there. That’s where snowbird shipping services come into play. With this service, a transport company will ship your personal vehicle down to your temporary warm-weather home so you can navigate around in the car you’re comfortable with. But with a task this difficult it’s critical to partner with a quality transport business.

Snowbird Car Shipping with Chicago Car Transport

Snowbird car shipping, like all Chicago Car Transport services, is door-to-door. This means we’ll take the car directly from your front step to your temporary home. Not only that, we offer both open or enclosed transport options. Open is the cheaper option and leaves your car exposed to the elements. In either case, we guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle.

Chicago Car Transport also knows that when you’re in your toasty new location, you’re going to want to get around town as quickly as possible. In this case, you may want to tap into our expedited car shipping service. With expedited transport, the car’s pick-up time gets bumped up so that it gets on a carrier and out on the road much faster. After all, we want you to enjoy your entire extended vacation with the vehicle that makes sense to you.

Also, Chicago Car Transport can ship any type of vehicle with our snowbird services. Truck, van, boat, RV – we’ll get it there with no problem. With this hassle no longer a concern, you can trust that your vehicle is okay and get down to the business of relaxing.

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