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Springfield is the capital of Illinois and the county seat of Sangamon County. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city’s population was 116,250. Not only does it make it the sixth most populated city, but it is also the second-largest city outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. However, it is still the largest in central Illinois. It is extremely rich in history. In fact, Abraham Lincoln resided in the city from 1837 until 1861, before heading to the White House as President.

Generally, the weather consists of hot summers and cold winters. Spring and summer weather can also bring on thunderstorms.

Fascinatingly, Springfield claims to have been the city to invent the corndog under the name “Cozy Dog.” Another popular food item derived from Springfield is the horseshoe sandwich. Additionally, the city is also known for its chili. In fact, the Illinois state legislature declared Springfield the “Chilli Capital of the Civilized World.” Springfield still runs what it asserts as the first U.S. drive-thru window at the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop

Aside from good eating, Springfield boasts many attractions for visitors and residents of all kind. For instance, the Hoogland Center for the Arts in downtown Springfield is a hub for performing arts, and houses the Springfield Theatre Centre, the Springfield Ballet Company, the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, and the Springfield Municipal Opera.

The city is also home to the annual Springfield Old Capitol Art Fair, a spring festival held every year. For almost two decades Springfield has also hosted the ‘Route 66 Film Festival,’ which commemorates films surrounding the famous Route 66.

As previously mentioned, history and culture are endless in Springfield. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, and the Old State Capitol State Historic Site, are among the many attractions visitors frequent to learn more about Honest Abe and his contributions to the city. Additionally, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is another way to absorb the city’s rich culture.

And, for some family fun, spend a day at Springfield’s largest amusement park, Knight’s Action Park and Caribbean Water Park. The city’s only remaining drive-in theater, the Route 66 Twin Drive-In is also featured in the park.

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