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Elgin Auto Transport Services


Elgin is located in the northern part of Illinois, in the counties of Cook and Kane. The city is only 35 miles away from Chicago and it rests on the Fox River shore. With a population of over 112,000, It is is the eight-largest city in the state.

The climate in Elgin has very cold winters and hot summers. Heavy snowfalls are very common during the winter months and it rains evenly all year. The area is prone to tornados too.

Elgin is home to the Elgin Symphony Orchestra among many other music groups, such as the Master Chorale, and the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra. The city also takes pride in its various theatre groups like the Theatre Company and the Fox Valley Youth Theatre. The study of the arts is also a big part of the city, which has The Hemmens Cultural Center and the Elgin Community College’s Visual & Performing Arts Center.

Elgin also takes pride in the many nature preserves in the area. Such as the Trout Park or the Bluff Spring Fen. The city also has multiple parks within the city, where locals can enjoy walking, skating or even use amenities such as a climbing wall. The Lords Park hosts the Elgin Public Museum, while Wing Park has a swimming pool and a golf course.

Elgin has also become a more environmentally sustainable city, trying to promote things like textile recycling, rain barrels, and community gardens.

If you enjoy the arts and love nature, then this is the city for you. Many people visit it every year and some others have settled down there for good.

Car Transport Chicago Elgin Auto Transport

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With CTC you always get the best options. We even have snowbird services and Expedited Auto Shipping in case you are in a hurry.

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