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COVID-19 Surveillance System Developed by Scientists

You are currently viewing COVID-19 Surveillance System Developed by Scientists
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COVID-19 Surveillance System is creating by two scientists at Northwestern University in Evanston, according to a news release.

COVID-19 Can Miraculously Spot Outbreaks Before Patients Enters Hospitals

This global system, which can point outbreaks even before patients come to hospitals, is debuting in 195 countries last Thursday, December 3rd.

Current Surveillance System has Some Drawbacks

According to the news release, the existing surveillance doesn’t identify major shifts in the pandemic. Nor blare the alarm when there is concerning acceleration of disease transmission causing an outbreak.

New Technology is Ground Breaking in Response to COVID-19

“Therefore, we can let leaders know where the outbreak is occurring before it makes itself present up in overcrowded hospitals and morgues,” said Lori Post. Post is the director of the Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She said this in a news release. “The current systems are static. Moreover, ours is dynamic.” 

Four Months of Work to Develop the COVID-19 Surveillance System

To develop the system over the span of four months, Post, James Oehmke, and Charles Moss worked together. Oehmke is an adjunct professor of emergency medicine at Northwestern University and Charles Moss is from the University of Florida.

GASSP is Quite a Sophisticated Global Surveillance app

“GASSP (GlobaAl Sars-Co2 Surveillance Project”) analyzes a virus in the same way and method the field of economics measures the expansion and contraction of the economy. Moreover, this information is from the university.

Disease Surveillance is the Wave of the Future and Here to Stay

This is the first time they are applying them toward disease surveillance. Yet, the methods work, Post said. They had used the model and metrics stamped for medical surveillance. Therefore, we know they work.”

COVID-19 Tracking System Dashbord

A dashboard for the new COVID-19 tracking system is available on Northwestern’s website.

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