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At Car Transport Chicago, we offer many diverse services to fulfill all our customer’s needs. We also offer high-quality services and all the best rates and discounts for our clients. Besides, all of our services are always door-to-door, which means that we pick up your auto right from your door and, then, we drop it off at the door of its new location. It’s that easy and convenient!

We are specialists in Car Shipping, but we can do so much more! No matter what kind of vehicle you need to ship. Be it a truck, a bus, a van, a trailer, a motorcycle or any other type of vehicle, we got it covered.

What’s more, we even give you different options to choose from when it comes to your Vehicle’s Transportation.

When it comes to your Auto Shipping, you can always choose between Open or Enclosed Car Transport.

Open Car Shipping

This is by far our most popular service. Open Car Shipping is perfectly safe and the most economic way to get your Auto shipped. With this service, your vehicle will be transported in an open carriage along with other cars.

Enclosed Car Shipping

This service comes at a bit higher rate, but it adds an extra step of safety. With this type of Vehicle Shipping, your car will be transported inside a closed container where it will be protected from the dust, weather and road debris. This method is ideal if you have a luxury or expensive car and want to take that extra care of it.

Expedited Car Shipping

Sometimes you need to ship your car right away so it can reach its new destination as soon as possible. We understand! That is why we offer Expedited Car Shipping. With this Transport method, your car will be picked up and shipped in a carrier almost immediately.

Exotic Car Shipping

We know that sometimes, if you spend a lot of money and love on your special car, you want it to be handled with the most possible care. That is why we have a team of experts that will be able to take care of your exotic car for you. Whether it is a sports car, a vintage car, or simply your favorite piece of your Vehicle collection, we know how to properly ship it for you.

Commercial Auto Transport

Besides our extensive services for individuals, we also work with a lot of companies and businesses nationwide. That is why we also offer many Commercial Auto Transport services. No matter what your company needs are, we can help you do it. So, if you are thinking about expanding or opening a new office out-of-state, we are here for you! Plus, we always offer special deals for our returning companies and customers.

Corporate Relocation

If you are thinking about fully relocating your company anywhere in the US, we can take care of all your vehicles for you. That way, you can focus on what really is important. It doesn’t matter if you are moving your staff’s cars, or if you need to relocate a full bus float. Just let us take care of it.

Auction and Dealer Shipping

Sometimes the car you love is at a dealership or at an auction far from your city. That is no problem now! We can ship any vehicle you wish to you from any dealer or auction across the country. So you can get the car of your dreams shipped right to your door.

And, if you are the one selling a car, or maybe you own a dealership and need to ship an Auto to its buyer, you can also hire our services. We promise we will ship any vehicle in the best and safest way. Plus, did we mention our services are always door-to-door?

Military Equipment Shipping

At Chicago Car Transport, we are experts at shipping and handling military equipment. Plus, we have all the mandatory permits to deliver it right to any base all across the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! If you need to ship Military Equipment, we can help!

All of our services are perfectly safe. We have the best team of experts and they know the fastest and safest routes to and from Chicago. But we also offer full insurance already included in your quote, just in case something unforeseeable happens. With Car Transport Chicago, you are always covered!

Be sure to check out our menu for a full list of services we provide. Contact us if you have any questions and our expert agents will make sure to explain everything to you. We look forward to your Chicago Car Transport shipping!