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Illinois Introduces New “Skip the DMV” Option

You are currently viewing Illinois Introduces New “Skip the DMV” Option
You can do several, non-urgent DMV services from your phone now!
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The office of the Illinois Secretary of State has been trying to modernize their facilities, such as the DMV, and work to reduce wait times for their customers as well. They recently added a new featured option to the DMV in which Illinois residents can avoid going in person to the DMV for specific needs. Instead, they will now be able to do some services online, right from home. One such service, which is the first to roll out, is the ability to complete drivers license renewal online. People can also make appointments online using the online appointment portal. This portal then also can send out reminders about upcoming appointments. While these updates even seem themselves a bit outdated, it is a big step for Illinois DMV offices!

The newly launched program is running on the name “Do-it-Online, Skip-the-Line!”

In addition to these services, the online option provides additional services for senior and teen drivers. There will be helplines where drivers can call in regarding any questions they may have about licenses and/or driving tests, and they will be able to receive virtual or teleassistance.

The Secretary of State of Illinois, Alexi Giannoulias, himself said, “the truth is that most people no longer need to even come to a DMV because the services they need are available with just a few clicks.” The goal of this program is to reduce wait times at the DMV, as well as save people time and headaches.

The DMV is known as a difficult place to be at, causing a lot of stress to many, so this program will hopefully change that perception.

Previously, the state did offer a “safe driver” program, in which a driver who is enrolled in this program was able to renew their driver’s license without having to go to the DMV in person. With this, drivers had the option to renew their license online, via mail, over the phone, or still go in person. In 2023, over half of the one million drivers in the “safe driver” program for Illinois went in person to renew their license, even though they did not have to. Giannoulias is pushing for better promotion of the program so that people are aware of the fact that they do not actually have to go in person to the DMV, so that they can see more significant reductions in wait times.

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