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Hard Side Enclosed

Hard Side

Our enclosed transport services provide the best shipping method for vehicles that require a little extra care and protection. Typically, drivers of luxury, exotic, and collector vehicles opt for this premium service.

Because we value your vehicle just as much as you do, we offer the option of shipping with our “hard side” enclosed trailer. With this service, your vehicle is completely enclosed in a container surrounded by metal walls, including the ceiling and roof too. Additionally, our hard side trucks are equipped with a lift gate that securely raises the vehicle onto, and inside the trailer. The liftgate is beneficial to vehicles such as race cars or Lamborghinis that are low to the ground and run the risk of scrapping the undercarriage when using a traditional ramp. If the vehicle is too low for a ramp, then a liftgate truck is required for transport. This will be the safest way to load and unload the vehicle. While it is the most expensive auto shipping service, for high-end and exotic cars, we suggest this type of carrier to maximize safety. You care about your vehicle, and so do we!

Enclosed Hard Side Shipping with Chicago Car Transport

Chicago Car Transport is a leader in the auto transport industry for a reason. With many years of service under our belt, we’ve expertly handled every variety of car shipping there is. Our highly trained team can handle your hard side vehicle transport.

We provide professional, affordable, and expert car shipping across the country. You want a car transport company that’s got a proven track record. That’s us!

Not only is auto transport a huge convenience to the customer, but you can spare yourself the time and hassle it takes to get your vehicle to where it needs to be. Chicago Car Transport offers convenient door-to-door shipping with all of our transport services. While hard side trailers may take a couple of extra days to set up, it is the safest and most protected method for your prized possession.  

Chicago Car Transport endures because its services are the best. So, if you need auto shipping services, don’t mess around. Choose the premium company with fans across the country.

Contact Chicago Car Transport today and we’ll get your car transport scheduled right away!