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At Chicago Car Transport it’s our sincere ambition to provide expert and convenient car shipping. For this reason, we offer an easy to use quote calculator on this site. And when we say easy, we mean it. Just type in the appropriate details as prompted and you’ll receive a call from us, right away.

It’s important before investing in car shipping services to do your due diligence. In fact, it’s wise to be mindful of companies that offer unusually low rates. Typically, this indicates a new business. And when it comes to a difficult, complex task like car shipping, you want to rely on a company with a deep well of experience. An established company with positive reviews and an affordable quote is the way to go!

Use our Calculator to Get an Instant Quote

Here’s how it works, and don’t worry, there’s no need for you to provide any personal information. Chicago Car Transport, above all else, cares about your need for privacy. That’s why we never keep any of your personal information. Still, we do ask that you offer up several important tidbits of information.

The first thing we require is the pick-up and drop-off location of your vehicle. We ask this for obvious reasons as distance and mileage are central to getting a quote. Additionally, we’ll need to know some pertinent information about the vehicle. For instance, we’ll want the make, model, and year of the car. It’s also essential to inform us if the vehicle is operational or not. All these factors go into determining the overall cost of the shipping.

Beyond this basic information, we’ll ask you to choose your preferred method of transport. This includes the enclosed and open option. The enclosed is a premium service and therefore costs a bit more. With this type of trailer your car is fully enveloped and goes unexposed to the elements and road debris. Now, open car transport is no less safe or secure, though it does travel in the open as if you were driving it yourself.

After the shipping method info has been gathered, then we require that you select a convenient pick-up date. The more removed the date is from the present, the better rate you stand to get. Even better, it allows us to arrive at a date that works best for you. After all, our aim is your ultimate convenience.

Once all this information is appropriately entered, then simply provide a way to contact you. For this we require a name, phone number, and an email address. And that’s it. A live agent will then contact you with your quote and we can begin the process of locking in great auto shipping!

Contact us today if you have any further questions!