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Military Equipment Shipping


Let’s be honest, there are a lot of equipment transport companies out there. With the gut of all these businesses offering to be the ‘right choice’ for your car shipping needs, how do you choose one? The very first thing you want to do is ensure that they provide the exact type of service you’re looking for. For instance, not all of these transport companies offer military equipment shipping. And, in the outside chance they do, most are not truly equipped or have the requisite expertise to handle the task.

Military equipment transport is obviously different from more traditional forms of car transport. To execute this task, it requires specialized skills as well as specific tools. After all, this kind of heavy-duty cannot be treated as typical commercial auto transport. The loading and unloading of this machinery are difficult, delicate, and detail-oriented. Not only that, but there are all kinds of restrictions when it comes to moving military equipment. For instance, not every military base allows civilian vehicles, like moving trucks, onto their property.

Military Equipment Shipping with Chicago Car Transport

At Chicago Car Transport we’ve specifically trained our staff to deal with this kind of transport. Our drivers possess the training along with the equipment to efficiently handle this type of job. In fact, our drivers have been thoroughly educated on operating military equipment and heavy-duty military vehicles. We know it’s intricate work so you can trust us. Not to mention, we are familiar with all the military and marine bases in the country as well. So, shipping your vehicle is never a problem for us.

Chicago Car Transport will not only expertly load and unload your sensitive military equipment, but we’ll efficiently deliver it door-to-door. This means, unless there are base rules, we’ll drop the equipment at your door where-ever in the country that is. Plus, we provide both an open and enclosed shipping option. Both are very secure methods, however, enclosed is a slightly more expensive choice. Even still, our shipping prices are some of the best in the industry no matter which option you decide on.

Even though military equipment is a unique and highly sensitive cargo, we don’t charge extra for our standard services. Plus, we guarantee it’ll arrive at its location safely and securely. In fact, if you so desire, we can ensure it gets to its new destination even quicker with our expedited shipping. With this service, we bump up the pick-up time of your equipment so that it starts on its journey sooner!

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