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Warehouse Workers Killed From Tornado Catastrophe are Identified

You are currently viewing Warehouse Workers Killed From Tornado Catastrophe are Identified
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Warehouse workers were six people that were killing when an EF3 tornado hit an Amazon warehouse in Midwest state and city. They have also been identified. On Friday night, the tornado did hit during a shift change.

Warehouse Workers – People in Various Ages Killed

Ranging in ages from 26 to 62, six people were confirmed killed in a local city in Chicago. However, 45 people did make it out safely from the warehouse.

The victims of the tornado have been identified They include 28-year-old Deandre S. Morrow and 62-year-old Keven D. Dickey, 29-year-old Clayton Lynn Cope, 34-year-old Etheria S. Hebb, 46-year-old Larry E. Virden, and 26-year-old Austin J. McEwen.

Warehouse Workers – Tragic Stories

“Sadly, I did walk out of that building after they told me my dad was gone, and then I did drop to my knees and also screaming at the sky at the top of my lungs,” said Justice Virden, daughter of one of the victims.

Among those who lost their lives include Larry Virden.

“No, my dad’s is coming home, I said,” his daughter proclaimed. “I do need my daddy. Then, I can’t leave.”

The tornado struck Friday night. In fact, her dad was among the many drivers that did return to the facility. It was after finishing their routes.

Less than two years ago is the massive building. But, sadly, it is now left with a gaping hole the size of a football field.

Across multiple properties, the destruction has left debris across. This is what the neighbors said.

The damage is assessing said the representatives from Amazon. However, it is now focusing on helping the close-knit community heal.

Kelly Nantel, an Amazon spokesperson said it is a devastating loss. However, we need to turn our attention to attention to the survivors. Plus the family members and our own employees.

Employees should not have being made to work during very severe weather. This is according to the union representing employees and blasting Amazon.

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