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Chicago Man Charged with Killing College Student

You are currently viewing Chicago Man Charged with Killing College Student
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CHICAGO, IL – A Chicago man is facing charges Monday evening for the killing of a college student in a university parking garage. Authorities said the student died from strangulation.

Moreover, the Chicago Police Department were able to arrest 26-year-old Donald Thurman as the prime suspect. He faces assault charges and first-degree murder for the killing of 19-year-old Ruth George, who was a student at the University of Illinois.

The investigation began early Saturday morning when family members alerted police after hearing no response from her days earlier. They were able to track down her cellphone to the university’s structure.

George was found dead in the backseat of her vehicle in the campus parking garage. Reports indicate Thurman entering the garage alone.

The man, Thurman, witnesses saw Thurman entering the area soon after through video surveillance, a half-hour later after killing the student. The footage reveals him walking away from the garage.

Donald Thurman confessed to the killing. Shortly after, he was immediately in custody. “He was not a student of the University nor provided his motive for the killing,” Police Chief Kevin Booker says.  

It is still unclear if Thurman has any relations with George or if they have had previous contact before.

Ruth George was studying physical therapy and enrolled in the university’s honors program. She was also a member of a women’s sorority.

Her sorority members described her as, “Caring, funny, and brought joy to others around her.”

The University’s Chancellor, Michael Amiridis described her as, “A hardworking talented student who set her future on becoming a health professional.”

Additionally, Thurman was released from prison a year prior to the killing. After serving two years for an armed robbery. Officials say it is not clear if he has a lawyer present for this case.

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