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Shooting at Memorial Gathering Leaves 13 Injured

You are currently viewing Shooting at Memorial Gathering Leaves 13 Injured
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At around 12:40 am, a shooting disrupted a memorial gathering on the 5700 block of South May Street in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Those in attendance came to celebrate the birthday of a man who died in a previous shooting.

Lonell Irvin, 22, died during an attempted carjacking on April 26. The altercation began when Lonell rear-ended another driver, then pulled a weapon when the second driver stepped out to inspect the damage. The 41-year-old then retrieved his own weapon, for which he had a concealed carry permit, and fired on Lonell, killing him.

Fred Waller, head of Chicago’s patrol division, told reporters at an address to reporters that the shooting began when a dispute within the party escalated. Shots rang out within the home, and once attendees began fleeing, more gunshots sounded in the front lawn.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot also addressed reporters. She urged those in attendance for the memorial to come forward with details. “People in that house know what happened, and we urge them to overcome their fears and come forward with information,” she said.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Terence Daniely, 57, who awoke when he heard the gunshots, said, “It’s reckless, just reckless. How does it continually happen? When is it going to stop?”

Most Injuries from Single Shooting Since 2013

The last shooting occurrence that took place in the city of Chicago with as many individuals injured happed in 2013. Seven individuals faced charges in that event, including one who used an AK-47 to fire on a basketball court.

In spite of the high profile violence, shootings in Chicago have dropped significantly. 2019 will be the third year to experience a double-digit drop in shootings.

In the wake of Lonel Irvin’s memorial, community leaders walked through the area to reassure residents. They condemn the actions of the shooters and reiterate that the neighborhood is full of good people.

2 men have been apprehended by authorities.

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