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Cybertruck: Built For Camping?

You are currently viewing Cybertruck: Built For Camping?
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The Tesla Cybertruck turned a lot of heads when it was first unveiled. From the boxy design to the “bulletproof” exterior, many saw Tesla’s new addition as a novelty vehicle. Still, it spawned an increase in what electric vehicles can do, which has had many designers looking to the future as to how they can best use the truck.

Camping and traveling seem to be on the minds for many. This has lead to a number of additional designs to better fulfill the needs of prospecting consumers.

Cybertruck For Camping

Since its reveal, the truck has been developed into numerous different modes. Two of them were focused primarily on camping. Now, these were adequate for many to feel that Tesla was in the right mindset, but other designers have come in and designed far more superior models.

Take, for instance, the design pictured above. It follows a similar boxy design that compliments the Cybertruck. The sleeping cab is made of the same stainless steel as the rest of the vehicle. The sleeping quarters are also lifted higher than the truck itself. This is to ensure that animals cant get into the cab at night.

Potential Deficits

As an experienced “home on the go” builder, I can say that one of the biggest problems could be that the sleeping quarters are not retractable. This leaves for high wind resistance and will not provide the optimal output for vehicle performance when driving. This is to say that right now, and from what it looks like, is the biggest design flaw for the extended camping attachment.

Another is simply the design of the truck itself. As far as getting a look at the bed of the truck, this might seem like it needs to be a permanent fixture. One of the biggest selling points for most trucks is the variety of uses. The utility is key and the Cybertruck has made a number of points s to why it can compete, but it has also shown where it has lacked. One of those is design. From the sloping side rails of the bed which gets in the way of loading/unloading to the flat surface of the bed itself, the truck has shown that it is more of a showcase as to what electric can do versus building a competitive truck. Still, we look forward to the

Cybertruck As A Camping Machine

Although the truck provides some less desirable features, we don’t see why this cannot be as a camping machine. Space is one of the biggest features to look for when converting your vehicle into an all-around camper. Tesla has put that into perspective. With the future additions to the Cybertruck line, we look forward to seeing the camping capabilities set forth by the EV pioneer.

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