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Amazon Has A Next Move: Chicago

You are currently viewing Amazon Has A Next Move: Chicago
Courtesy of Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives
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Amazon, the largest company in the world, has its sights set on a new location: Chicago. The company looks to increase the workforce and create high-paying jobs.

The city has granted approval for the $50 million dollar complex. The site for the new building is from the old Ryerson Steel Mill. Amazon expects the new occupancy to expand the goals of the company and to further increase revenue in a new area.

Deliveries Skyrocket for Amazon

For most businesses, things have been slow, or even dead. But not for Amazon. Due to a massive increase in online buying mixed with a $1200 stimulus check, consumers have gone out of the way to purchase TV’s, electronics and many other essential items.

Deliveries have been large due in part to higher spending as of late. With everyone still indoors from COVID-19, most purchases have either been done online or over the phone.

Building Completion

The current completion date is set for October 31st of 2020. The current team has a wide number of workers. Each prospect is working around the clock in 12 hour shifts for 6 days a week until the project is finished.

For the next 5 months, the area will see a significant increase in workers and employees. This has helped fund areas like Chicago which have been on lock down since earlier this month.

Amazon’s Issues With COVID-19

The company experienced a shortfall due to worker strikes. This has caused some disturbance in the goals of the company versus how it treats its workers. This isn’t the first time Amazon has pushed workers to the brink. For the past couple of years, the company has seen large scale protests and strikes due to the low working conditions.

As for how things will bode in Chicago, things might work in favor for Amazon if the threat of COVID-19 goes away…which will also take an extensive about to time.

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