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Supreme Court Chooses Appellate Court to Replace Justice

You are currently viewing Supreme Court Chooses Appellate Court to Replace Justice
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Supreme Court Court Justice Thomas Kilbride Admits Defeat

Illinois Supreme Court Justice has admitted defeat in his bid for retention to a third 10-year term. This is one week after the state’s court has chosen Illinois Appellate Court Justice Robert Carter to fill Kilbride’s seat until the next election in 2022.

Moreover, Kilbride won’t get the 60% vote to keep his seat after his current term ends in December. Though the result of last week’s retention election is not yet official.

Supreme Court Justices Need to Vote to Appoint Carter

Effective December 8th, the existing six justices on the Illinois Supreme Court voted to appoint Carter to fill Kilbride’s vacancy. Carter will hold the seat until December 5, 2022. Moreover, the vacancy will receive a fill by the November 2022 election. Carter said he won’t run for a full term in 2022.

Carter said he felt humble by the confidence and trust the Court has placed in me. He feels it’s an honor and privilege of a lifetime to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court in Springfield. Carter first started his career as a law clerk to Justice Howard Ryan. He says it is where he will retire after this two-year appointment. Carter won’t seek to run for this seat in 2022.

Robert Carter’s Career History as a Judge

Robert Carter who is 74-years-old has been a judge since 1979. Then he was first appointed as an associate judge. In 1988, he was as a Democrat as a circuit judge in the 13th Judicial Circuit. The areas cover Grundy, Bureau, and LaSalle counties. He became chief judge in 1993. He was charge of the 3rd District Appellate court in north-central Illinois in 2006.

Republicans Conspired Against Thomas Kilbride

Kilbride, who was a Democratic judge, has been singled out for defeat in a well-funded campaign by wealthy Illinois Republicans. Republicans were hoping the state’s highest court would deadlock on a vote for Kilbride’s interim successor, leaving the court with a 3-3 split among Democrats and Republicans.

However, the court’s unanimous vote leaves the court with a 4-3 Democratic majority.

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