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Overhaul The Heavy Duties! Volvo Trucks Undergo Major Recall

You are currently viewing Overhaul The Heavy Duties! Volvo Trucks Undergo Major Recall
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Seven-thousand two-hundred thirty-eight (and counting) Volvo Trucks had to undergo a recall, as these recently-built 2021 heavy-duty trucks had an error in them. Specific 2021 VHD, VNL, VNR and VAH models made between July 8th and December 8th are subject to inspection. As any owner of one of these Volvo Trucks might experience, these models may have a hard time stopping.

There’s an air brake line that releases due to a nonconforming pneumatic pass-through plate damaged during leak testing.

When occurring on the parking brake’s circuit, the pressure in the signal that holds off within the mechanical spring won’t be able to properly operate. This then endangers the likelihood of park brakes applying. In turn, the driver is likely to risk crashing the vehicle. An air leak is even a possibility of being hear over the park brake sets.

The issue was quickly found when there were two minor incidents. They reported air brake lines pulling from their spots after insertion of brass fittings were obvious. Four field incidents resulted in cosmetic damages to the vehicle.

Volvo Trucks Are Still Mostly Safe

Luckily, Volvo Trucks aren’t facing an incredible amount of danger either. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration didn’t see any crashes or injuries included in the filing made by Volvo Trucks. Dealers are on instruction to inspect. The air brake line should be proper in it’s engagement with the fitting in pass-through plates.

As of the recall, the NHTSA has had to cover 6,314 in the U.S. Whereas, the remaining 924 from the report being under recall in Canada.

It’s a real shame, in any case, that in the year of many trucking scandals, this befalls upon Volvo. They’re known for their “sleek design” and “solid savings.” So to see such scrutiny is a crying shame. But safety comes first. It would only be more embarrassing if they tried sweeping the braking issue under the rug.

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