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New Subaru Crosstrek 2021 Continues to Rein as the Hottest SUV

You are currently viewing New Subaru Crosstrek 2021 Continues to Rein as the Hottest SUV
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Subaru Crosstrek 2021 is still the hottest model for Subaru of America this summer. The Crosstrek is reportedly the only Subaru SUV with positive numbers. Unfortunately, the Forester did drop 26.5 percent, while the Outback is down 4.3 percent, and the Ascent dropped 18.1 percent in August.

Subaru Crosstrek for 2021 is Refreshed

The refreshed 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, this summer, comes with a new 2.5-liter engine upgrade and is, in fact, flying off dealers’ lots. 11,587 Crosstrek subcompact SUVs were delivered to customers. That is what Subaru of America is reporting. In comparison to the 10,329 delivered in August 2020. Leading all Subaru SUV nameplates is the subcompact SUV which is up 37.3 percent year-to-date.

Subaru Crosstrek Has Great Features for Handling, Utility and More

The vehicle has standard all-wheel-drive, hatchback utility, off-road ability, and top safety scores as well as offering fantastic fuel mileage. It really appeals to customers that have active and robust lifestyles and will like its X-Mode in standard trims and duel-function X-Mode in the Crosstrek Sport and Limited trims. In fact, the distinctive settings do offer improved off-road ability.

Younger Demographic is Taken Into Account

It offers a younger demographic a Crosstrek with a subcompact SUV. It has a taller ride height (8.7-inches of ground clearance), thus making it ideal for going to the trails this summer.

Five Trim Levels for Customers

There are five trim levels for customers in the 2021 Crosstrek. One is the base trim which is pricing from $23,295. Also the Premium at $24,345 and the all-new sport at $27,545. Plus the Limited which is at $29,045. The prices also include destination and delivery fees ($1,050).

Crosstrek Fuel Mileage

Moreover, the refreshed Crosstrek which has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder Boxer engine does get an EPA of approximately 28/33 mpg and 30 combined together mpg. It also has a CVT automatic transmission. In addition, the new 2.5-liter engine does get an EPA estimating fuel mileage of 27/34 city/highway and 29 combining mpg.

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