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Legalizing Monitored Drug Injection Sites, Democrats Want

You are currently viewing Legalizing Monitored Drug Injection Sites, Democrats Want
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Legalizing monitored drug injection sites and spaces for drug use is what Democrats are looking into and have created a new bill (HB 0110) that is part of it. The bill has been introduced by State Representative LaShawn Ford.

Legalizing Monitored Drug Injection Sites – the Bill Specifics

The bill would allow if passed, entities can apply for drug use programs. This would be through the Illinois Department of Public Health. Moreover, the spaces would be staffing by medical professionals. Needles and syringes would be providing for free and, in addition, to their safe disposal. Referrals to treatment centers would be giving. Also, drug and sexual health education would be offered. Moreover, the use of illegal substances inside the injection spaces would not be subject to criminal charges.

Successful Concept in Other Countries

In fact, the Chicago Recovery Alliance has said, who is a proponent of this concept, it’s working very well in other countries.

“No matter what, people are definitely going to use drugs,” Erica Ernst said. “I don’t believe this would encourage drug use. That is because it doesn’t provide any of the drugs at all.” Ernst is Interim Executive Director of the Chicago Recovery Alliance.

Moreover, in some U.S. cities, she said that they have tried the idea. Yet, it is against federal law to establish those spaces. Implemented safe injection spaces have been done in Canada and some European countries.

Preventing fatal overdoses and the sharing of dirty needs can be done in these spaces, says Ernst. Thus spreading diseases like HIV. Moreover, it has also helped individuals without regular access to healthcare.

Groundbreaking Possible Legislation

However, no state has legalized safe drug injection sites. Currently awaiting a vote on the House floor is the proposed legislation.

Ford’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

More Positive Evidence Given that Safe Injection Sites Work

There is new research does show that safe injection sites are really an effective option for reducing harm among people who inject drugs.

The study, released by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), has found that safe injection sites help prevent deaths from drug overdoses when compared with needle exchange programs.

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