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The Launch of an Open City With Re-Imagined and Pop-Up Spaces

You are currently viewing The Launch of an Open City With Re-Imagined and Pop-Up Spaces
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The launch of an open city is the latest initiative to safely and fully reopen it by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. The program will feature a re-do of sorts for residents of the city to enjoy. Moreover, these spaces will either build on ongoing Chicago traditions. They are expanded from programs that launched last year, in fact, new programs that are specially crafted to get the City back into a new normal.

Launch of Open City

The initiative’s goal is to center on communicating Chicago’s safe reopening strategy. This allows for the reopening of public amenities and private venues. Thus, activating public spaces with arts, culture, and recreation and expanding outdoor dining. Moreover, making sure businesses can return to offices and in-person events.  

“Despite the unreal challenges that were, in fact, thrown our way last year, we were still able to go forward. Then come together to slow and stop the spread of this Corona Virus. Moreover putting our city on the right path toward a safe reopening,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “Open Chicago is not only the exact result of these efforts. It also serves as the most significant step in our mission to reinstate a sense of normalcy. Thus, within our city by bringing back and reimage some of our favorite summers- and fall-time activities. I am grateful to each and every city, community, and business leader who worked with us. It was an amazing initiative as well as our residents. Thus continuing to follow public health guidance and keep our COVID-19 metrics low enough to launch efforts like these.” 

Chicago has made significant progress in reversing the concerning uptick in our COVID-19 metrics. It started in March and caused the city to slow down our cautious reopening plan. The reopening metrics have stayed steady or decreased over the past two weeks. Thus, with our test positivity rate dropping to the Lower-Risk level. It is below 5.0%, earlier this week, for the first time, since late March. The ICU and non-ICU hospital capacity remain at the Moderate-Risk level despite the recent rise in cases.  

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