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COVID-19 Vaccination Card Scams, Attorney General Warns About

You are currently viewing COVID-19 Vaccination Card Scams, Attorney General Warns About
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COVID-19 Vaccination cards and associate scams and frauds are what the Illinois Attorney General sternly telling residents about. There is nothing to “gloat” about regarding getting a vaccine or vaccination cards. President Joe Biden is selling it as being a “patriot” and it is a badge of honor!

COVID-19 Vaccination Cards – Don’t Post Photos!

Kwame Raoul said in a release early on Wednesday advising people not to put pictures on their vaccination cards on any social media. That is because scammers can pull your sensitive information from it.

Fake Vaccination Cards

There are reports of fake vaccination cards, Raoul says. They are available to purchase online. He says if you see one of these, don’t buy it. Then report it to an Attorney General.

COVID Vaccination Cards: Thieves Steal Information

“Excited about the vaccine. It’s understandable that people are. Plus, the hope it offers. Yet, they should refrain from posting pictures of their vaccine cards on social media. Moreover, the thieves can use the information on the cards to access and take additional personal information,” Raoul said in a statement. “Contact my office if anyone is a victim of a COVID-19 vaccine scam or vaccination card-related identity theft,” he added.

COVID-19: Steps to Take if You Fail Victim

Moreover, the Attorney General’s release offered steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim: to reiterate, don’t post a picture of your vaccination card on social media. Post a picture of a sticker instead after you are vaccinated. Therefore, as this does not contain personal information. For COVID-19 vaccination cards, vaccines, or treatments on the internet or from an online pharmacy do not pay money. Also, for any amount of money out of pocket in order to receive the vaccine, you should not have to pay. Even if you don’t have health insurance, everyone will be able to receive the vaccine. Also ignore online, phone, and text offer for the COVID-19 vaccine or vaccination cards.

Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Hotline

Call the Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Hotline at 1-800-386-5438, if you think you have fallen victim to a scam. This is based in Chicago, 1-800-243-0618, which is based in Springfield, and 1-800-243-0607, which is based in Carbondale. Moreover, you can also file a complaint by going to the Attorney General’s website.

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