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Windy City Cannabis Opens On “Weed Street”

You are currently viewing Windy City Cannabis Opens On “Weed Street”
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Chicago IL – Cannabis is becoming a norm for many states throughout the US. A new shop – appropriately named Windy City Cannabis is opening on a more appropriately named “Weed Street”.

The company has 4 other locations in the surrounding Chicago area. This will be the first store opened within the city. The new store is a collaboration between Windy City and creative team Company Inq.

Recreational cannabis dispensaries have been deemed an “essential business” by city officials. These businesses can operate under the strict guidelines set forth by the state.

In the suburb locations, shoppers call ahead and ask what they want, they can then drive to the store and proceed with a curb-side pickup.

As to how the Weed Street dispensary will operate, they have yet to comment on this approach.

The company obtained their permits and announced their opening on June 24th.

Minority Cannabis Dispensaries On Hold

It seems that Windy City is a lucky business. With 4 successful stores under their belt and a soon-to-be 5th operation, things are looking good.

Unfortunately, with fierce big-name competitors like MedMen soon opening shops in Chicago – competition will be key.

On the other side of the spectrum, the city declined to register approximately 75 new cannabis retail outlets. The majority owned by POC and ethnic minorities.

Former state Sen. Toi Hutchinson, who oversees the state cannabis program had this to say about the delay.

“My biggest worry is that any delay … makes it very hard for the people, who are the entire intent of this, to weather.”

While cannabis has been gaining popular opinion, many state officials still feel the need to keep it illegal. The results have lead to higher incarceration rates for minorities. The process is still ongoing for America to move forward with cannabis legalization.

With incarceration rates – a large number of them for possession of small quantities of cannabis still affecting the surrounding people, perhaps its time for governments to open up to the prospect of legalization.

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