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Toyota Venza is Back and now Exclusively as Hybrid

You are currently viewing Toyota Venza is Back and now Exclusively as Hybrid
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Toyota has done a great job in reintroducing the Venza that, in fact, it would really not look out of place under the Lexus premier brand, Toyota’s luxury division.

Toyota Venza – From Gas Powered to Hybrid

The 2021 Toyota Venza, unlike its predecessors, is no longer exclusively a gas-powered midsize crossover sport-utility vehicle. Moreover, it has, in fact, been rebranded solely as a hybrid. Thus, it is bolstered by two electric motors.

Sophisticated Look

The exterior look of the new Venza is smart and classy, while the posh interior is also good-looking, comfortable, and has many traditional features. In fact, these are all good reasons to assume the Venza could be under the Lexus flag. That is one no one would question why.

The Original Toyota Venza Debuted in 2009

Moreover, a little refresher could be needed regarding the Venza. In fact, it originally came out in 2009. Then it fast won approval and popularity with sales of 54,410 vehicles. Moreover, the sales did dip every year but one after that. And, in fact, when the numbers slid to 21,351 in 2015, Unfortunately, Toyota did pull the plug. It cited competitiveness within the class, among things, including customer preference and declining sales.

Though not all is perfect with the new Venza. In fact, it is smaller than many other midsize SUVs. Thus it has less cargo area. Therefore, some critics believe going with the less expensive Toyota RAV4 hybrid is better.

Toyota Venza and RAV4 Have Somethings in Common

Moreover, the RAV4 is nearly the same size as a Venza, despite being a compact SUV. It also offers more cargo area. In fact, the fuel economy is almost identical. Roughly $4,000 more than the RAV4, the Venza base price is ($32,700).

The RAV4 doesn’t exactly have curb appeal. However, the Venza has performance capability, an upscale cabin, and standard all-wheel drive.

In fact, the Venza does employ a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine with dual electric motors that combine to produce 219 horsepower. It is paired with an ongoing variable automatic transmission.

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