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Renault Prepares For EV Production With Their Mégane E-TECH

You are currently viewing Renault Prepares For EV Production With Their Mégane E-TECH
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In France, Renault CEO Luca de Meo shared with the world a glimpse at the future. The company themselves are a leader in energy transition, being how everyone is drawn to electric vehicles. Renault has been pushing on the power of having reliable technology and services. In which case that the company is very sustainable and responsible. There also was the Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric hatchback to introduce the Android-focused center stack. About 90% is the outer design. There are plenty of incredible electric vehicle versions that may have been better off not being recreated.

The Mégane E-TECH Electric hatchback is truly very futuristic and ready for Android usages. Back in 2018 the Nissan-Mitsubishi-Renault alliance will be created with the idea of bringing in the Android into the operating system. There can also be seen in the Renault a wireless phone charging holder. Not to mention there’s also ambient lighting as well as drink space.

Renault is likely to be the most green brand in all of Europe.

At least, it’s on the fast-track to become so by 2030. Which would say that 9 out of 10 cars sold would be electric. With that said, the first circular-economy hub shows a strong move towards a more responsible and sustainable model. This would therefore bring in 120,000 vehicles to be recycles and upcycled per year. There in it is about 80% strategic recycled materials to be used again in new batteries. In 2030, Renault is likely going to have plenty of recycled materials in new vehicles.

Renault takes their time with the voitures à vivre” to upper segments. Seven models are looking to release on C and D segments by 2025. This vehicle will show how Renault has been doing great, since their Zoey model. In fact, the Zoey has been the top-selling EV since an original upgrade back two years ago.

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