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Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Chicago

You are currently viewing Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Chicago
This type of solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event.
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All across the country, people are gathering outside today and at very specific hours to view the solar eclipse. This phenomenon is a once in a lifetime experience as experts are unsure when another solar eclipse of this nature will occur. The viewing percentages differs from place to place, with some areas getting a viewing of a total (or very near total) eclipse. Parts of Texas and Ohio are among the states to view the total eclipse, resulting in an influx of tourism to the areas as people rush to have the opportunity to see a total eclipse. There are even some parts of Illinois, such as Carbondale, in which a total eclipse is expected to occur, so many have been travelling to the state to view the eclipse as well.

In Chicago, the viewing is estimated to be very good. The estimated coverage will be around 93.9% at its peak. The peak of this eclipse will occur around 2:07 p.m. However, the eclipse will begin around 12:51 p.m., with more and more sun slowly being covered up.

Now, when we say the eclipse and coverage, what exactly do we mean?

Well in a solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun by means of its location in space being lined up in such a way that it is in between Earth and the sun. Depending on where you are, the moon appears more lined up; these are places in which one can view the total eclipse. For others, the moon is only partially in line with the sun, leading to partial coverage. In Chicago’s case the moon will line up with a majority of the sun, leading to a near total eclipse. Places like California will only have about 50% coverage at its peak.

The total solar eclipse in Carbondale is expected to last just over four minutes.

Based on how Earth orbits, the eclipse last for varying amounts of time. In Illinois, the total eclipse will actually last for a significant amount of time, especially in comparison to other areas.

Because of the eclipse, many things are being affected. Transportation is taking a hit as it is unsafe for many vehicles to be in motion during the eclipse. Flights are expected to be delayed and possibly cancelled. Amtrak is operating on a modified schedule. People are being advised to avoid driving as much as possible during the peak. Additionally, some businesses and schools are even taking the day off to be able to enjoy the eclipse and do so safely.

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