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U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski Voted Against Bigger COVID-19 Checks

You are currently viewing U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski Voted Against Bigger COVID-19 Checks
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U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski, Democrat-Illinois, is only one of two House Democrats on Monday who has voted against increasing COVID-19 benefit checks from $600 to $2,000 for eligible adults. Lipinski is winding up his last term in Congress.

This Measure Went Through the House Seamlessly

Through the Democratic House on a 275-134 roll call, the measure just sailed through. This happened after President Donald Trump threatened last week to not sign the $900 billion pandemic relief bill. That was unless Congress would step the payments.

President Donald Trump Demanded More Cash!

President Donald Trump on Sunday night signed legislation that did not in fact increase the size of the checks. Moreover, Democrats leap on Trump’s call for more cash. In fact, the House voted on the higher figure on Monday instead.

U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski was Joined by Another Democrat

Joined by U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader, Democrat-Oregon in voting no was U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski.

In fact, 44 Republicans joined 231 Democrats to approve the measure. Therefore, there it faces an unstable future in the GOP Senate.

U.S. Representatives Rodney Davis and Adam Kinzinger were the two GOP House members from Illinois. They were part of the 44 voting to increase the payments to $2,000.

GOP Representatives Mike Bost, Darin LaHood and John Shimkus were voting against these extra payments.

Like Lipinski, Shimkus is also in final days in office. Representative elect Marie Newman, Democrat – Illinois won the primary Lipinski lost. Therefore, Shimkus has in fact decided not to run again.

U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski is Worried About the National Debt

In fact, Lipinski did vote for the overall COVID-19 relief bill President Donald Trump signed. In a statement, Lipinski said he didn’t approve the larger payment. He was quoted as saying: “because we cannot continue to endlessly dig our national debt hole deeper.”

U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski says COVID-19 Necessitates Deficit Spending

Lipinksi did in fact say some “deficit spending during this pandemic is absolutely necessary … However, this does not mean we do not have to consider what we are spending. We need to look at what debt we are passing onto our future generations.”

Representative-Elect Marie Newman Weighs in With Her Views on the Stimulus Check

Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District will have a Representative that full well knows that a $600 stimulus check is not close enough to support American families who continue to struggle every single day due to the COVID-19 pandemic in less than a week. This is according to Representative-Elect Marie Newman.

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