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Scottie Pippen Lists Mansion On Airbnb For Olympics

You are currently viewing Scottie Pippen Lists Mansion On Airbnb For Olympics
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Scottie Pippen, the NBA Hall of Famer, is listing his mansion in a Midwest state, with a short-term rental company Airbnb. He does this in a promotion that is reminiscent of the original “Dream Team” nearly three decades ago.

Scottie Pippen Offers Olympic Fans a Great Opportunity

A great bargain for $92 a night, up to four guests at a time will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch Team USA for gold at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Therefore, it is from the home in Chicago of a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Moreover, this price is a referencing, in fact, to the first year that professional basketball players could participate in the Olympics.

Basketball Fans Get to Stay at Scottie Pippen’s Mansion

“It’s an incredible honor as an athlete to represent the United States as an Olympian twice,” Pippen said, announcing the promotion. “Thus playing alongside the best of the best with Team USA. That will always be a career highlight for me. I’m very excited to host basketball fans at my home to witness the next talented generation of athletes performing at what is really at the top of their sport.”

Three One-Night Stays

Next month, on August 2, August 4, and August 6, the Old Mill Road home will be available. Moreover, these dates are scheduling to coexist with the knockout rounds of the men’s basketball tournament.

Scottie Pippen Memorabilia and More

Now, what’s really cool and exciting according to the list, guests will be able to check out memorabilia from Pippen’s time as an Olympian. In addition, watch footage of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Also, shoot hoops on the former Chicago Bull’s indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Pippen lightheartedly jokes: “Please, just enjoy yourself, I really got great neighbors,” Pippen said. “And don’t forget, to keep the noise down. Really, I want to keep the neighbors nice.”

To residents of the United States, the Airbnb rental is only available. There are no travel costs that are including. On July 22nd, the booking is due to open.

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