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Santa has a Workforce: Truckers

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Santa is always busy. Even though he has a crazy workforce of elves, he still needs help. Truckers step up to take the reigns and deliver toys to many children across the country and even the world. The amount of help that Ol’ St. Nick needs to get the job done is massive.

Santa Knows Truckers Are Important

Every year, truckers step up to the task of delivering thousands of toys to the boys and girls of the world. If not for them, then many families would have far less under the tree for the holiday. These masters of the road are the backbone of Santa’s delivery service.

Truckers Make The “Nice List”

Santa knows that these men and women of the road will donate their time in order to put smiles on every child’s face. Some truckers even have families back home that they will not get to spend time with on the holidays. While Santa covers the air, truckers cover the ground. These workers know what they need to do in order to make the holidays a brighter time.

Truckers Ship More Than Santa

Everyone wonders how Santa can make the trip around the world, climb down everyone’s chimney and deliver boatloads of presents, well, it’s no surprise that he employs truckers. Every year, truckers are sent out to help the Jolly Man with delivering toys to everyone on time. On average, Santa can deliver approximately 2.5 billion presents in a night. On the back end, it is up to truckers to deliver the remaining 4.5 billion presents. Every year Kris Kringle’s list gets longer, and every year more and more truckers step up to the challenge.

Truckers Make The World A Brighter Place

Every year, the necessity for truckers increases. The ability to ship what seems like an infinite amount of toys is handled with the care and precision of truck drivers. Santa has a pretty cushy job (albeit it must be hard to land a squad of flying reindeer on someone’s house) but truckers brave the elements such as icy roads, bad traffic, and countless other obstacles. Every year, they get the job done.

Thank you Truckers

Whether you are an owner/operator, a seasoned trucking veteran, or fresh out of CDL school, you make the holidays a special place for countless families. Your commitment to putting smiles on everyone’s faces across the world is the reason why many can enjoy the holidays together. Today, we say, THANK YOU.

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