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Pre-Shipping Tips With Chicago Car Transport

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Check for dents and scratches after washing your car.
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Luckily, auto transportation makes getting your car to and from two different cities completely far away from each other an easy feat. It takes away a lot of work from you, saving you from having to drive your car the full distance. While we do absorb most of the work for you, there is still work you can do in order to really make the shipping go smoothly. This preparation that you can do before shipping your vehicle will ultimately make the shipment easy to execute. Here are the tips we have for you to do in order to prepare your car properly for shipment.

Have About ¼ Full of a Gas Tank

This may sound like a randomly specific number, but we promise there is rhyme and reason here! To start, you do not want to have a lot of gas sitting in your tank for a long period of time. It can be damaging to your vehicle in the long run. Furthermore, you do not want to have a completely empty vehicle as there are times in which your vehicle may need to be operated by our driver. These would just be short trips, for example driving your vehicle on and off the truck or driving to the delivery destination from the truck parked just a little bit away. In these instances, it helps to have just a little bit of gas to cover all of these possible driving scenarios.

Get a Car Wash Before Scheduled Shipping Day

We promise this is actually really beneficial in an unexpected way. Having your car washed shortly before shipping your vehicle will actually help for a more accurate inspection. Before shipping, for liability purposes, you will want to inspect your vehicle for any damage. This would be just checking for any scratches or dents that may be present on your vehicle. From there, you will want to take photos of these and keep a record of them. This is important as it will then help you determine if anything new has shown up on your vehicle after shipping.

Remove Valuables From Inside Your Car

As a general rule, you really should not keep anything of value in your car as you never know what may happen with it being parked anywhere, but you definitely do not want to while having your car shipped. The last thing you want is to have your vehicle arrive to your new home with it having been freshly broken into. We do our best to keep your vehicle safe at all times and prevent these sorts of things, but accidents do happen sometimes. Removing all valuable items will help keep you safe as it removes a lot of intrigue to breaking into your car.

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