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Peoria is the second-largest city in Central Illinois after the state capital and the third largest outside the Chicago metropolitan area. Peoria is one of the oldest European settlements in Illinois. The city was founded in 1691 by the French explorer Henri de Tonti. As of the 2010 census, Peoria reached a population of 115,007. Additionally, it is the county seat of Peoria County. The city is a major port on the Illinois River, and a trading and shipping center for a large agricultural area. Peoria was also once the global and national headquarters for Caterpillar Inc., which was listed on the Fortune 100. In terms of weather, the winters here are cold and snowy, however, summers can get pretty hot and humid.

With so much to see and do in Peoria, no wonder why people flock to this dynamic city. For historians, there are mounds of information to take in at any one of Peoria’s museums, including the Pettengill-Morron House, the John C Flanagan House, and the Riverfront Museum. But, if you prefer a little more entertainment, spend an evening at the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, which is the 14th oldest orchestra in the country.

And, let’s not forget the creatives at heart. The Annual Art Fair, ranked one of the top art fairs in the nation, is hosted by the Peoria Art Guild every year. Additionally, the city has hosted the Heart of Illinois Fair every year since 1949. For those who want to take in the scenery along the Illinois River, the Spirit of Peoria is a great choice. Not to mention, Peoria is also home to the Steamboat Classic, held every summer.

If that’s not enough, spend the day at the Peoria Zoo, which boasts an impressive African safari exhibit, or the Luthy Botanical Garden, consisting of over a dozen theme gardens and a Conservatory. The PlayHouse Children’s Museum is another great attraction for the little ones.

Visiting or relocating in time for the holidays? Then it’s a must you check out the Santa Claus Parade, which is the oldest running holiday parade in the United States.

Peoria Chicago Car Transport

Visiting or moving you’ll need your vehicle there with you. Chicago Car Transport can help you transport your vehicle to where it needs to be with ease. You don’t like stress, and neither do we. With us, all our services are convenient and hassle-free. Not to mention, we can ship almost any vehicle imaginable – trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and more. We have the necessary equipment and licenses to transport these vehicles for you, anywhere to or from Peoria. The last thing you want to do is add wear-and-tear to your vehicle driving it all the way to your new location. Instead, let Chicago Car Transport do the work. We will pick up your vehicle from its current location and drop it off at your new destination. Even better, our services include Door-to-Door transport. We even give you the option of Open or Enclosed shipping. Also, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, we offer Expediting shipping as well!

Contact us today to learn more about our Peoria Chicago Car Transport services or to start your shipping process. We are happy to assist!