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Land of Lincoln Becomes First State to Commit to Eliminating Cash Bail

You are currently viewing Land of Lincoln Becomes First State to Commit to Eliminating Cash Bail
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Land of Lincoln Governor J.B. Pritzker Monday has signed many sweeping criminal justice and police reforms into law. In fact, this includes getting rid of cash bail for pretrial detainees. He announced this from the state capitol in Springfield, IL.

Land of Lincoln, Pretrial Fairness Act

Spearheaded by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, under the Pretrial Fairness Act, a judge in fact can still detain an individual. That is if they’re charged with felonies such as murder or domestic battery.

Moreover, those who are not seen as a threat to the community. They, in fact, must get cash to bailing from jail prior to trial.

Historic Cash Bail Bill

The change and bill won’t take effect until January 2023. However, many criminal advocates are saying the bill’s passage is nothing short of historic.

One of the most important reforms is the end of a cash bond. It will, in fact, put the meaning into our criminal justice system’s presumption of innocence.” The Illinois Justice Project has said in a statement.

Land of Lincoln Landmark Legal Move

More Illinois is to be the first state to get rid of cash bail. New Jersey, has, in fact, mainly reduced its use in ensuing years. Moreover, similar proposals are making in other states as well.

Urging Cash Bail Reform

Strongly advocating bail reform in its report last spring, the Illinois Supreme Court Commission in Pretrial Practices, found that a defendant who can’t afford bail sees his or her life fall apart within days. This would be devastating. It would mean a loss of a job, loss of child custody and health problems without a way to get medication.

It can tend to generate more fraudulent plea deals. Moreover, if someone is charging with a crime, although innocent, they can request guilty to a lesser significant charge. That is to get out of jail. Also, they can complete the sentence for the less-serious offense.

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