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Is Open Transport or Enclosed Transport Better?

You are currently viewing Is Open Transport or Enclosed Transport Better?
Open Transport Trailers are faster and Cheaper than Enclosed Trailers
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When it comes to shipping your car, there are so many options to consider. You need to decide what shipping company to go with and the dates you want to ship. The most important thing to decide is what kind of trailer your vehicle will travel on. It’s one of the first questions your shipping company will ask you. They’ll ask you if you want Open transport or Enclosed transport. There are pros and cons to each. If you don’t know what that means, we’re here to help. That way, you can make an educated decision to make the best decision for your car.

Open Transport

When referring to open or enclosed transport, they are really asking what kind of trailer you want to ship your vehicle on. Open transport is by far the most popular option. When you think about car shipping, you probably think about an open transport trailer. These are the double-decker trailers that hold anywhere between six and ten vehicles. More than 90% of all transport trailers on the road are open transport trailers. “Open” transport means that your car is on an open trailer exposed to the elements.

An Open Transport Trailer will almost always be less expensive and even faster than an enclosed trailer. It’s cheaper than enclosed transport because there are so many more trailers on the road. This means that the surplus of trailers makes using an open transport trailer a buyer’s market. You can often have a lot more room to negotiate on an open transport trailer as opposed to an enclosed transport. Additionally, with so many trailers on the road, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a trailer on your preferred shipping day. You could even potentially get a trailer even sooner, which results in a faster shipment.

However, there are some cons to an open transport trailer. The biggest issue is that your car is exposed to the elements. When your vehicle arrives, you can almost guarantee that your car will arrive with a healthy layer of dirt. Not to mention that the dirt could scratch your paint. There are also the hazards of the road. A rogue pebble could jump up and ding a door or crack a windshield. Although any reputable shipping company will have enough insurance to cover any issues, it is still an issue. That being said, even car dealers ship their brand new cars on open transport trailers. For most people who want to save time and money, open transport trailers are the perfect choice for them.

Enclosed Transport

An enclosed transport trailer refers to a variety of different types of trailers. However, they all have in common that the trailer has either a canvas or hard shell cover that surrounds the trailer. This offers much better protection for your vehicle while traveling. However, there are so many different types of trailers that offer varying degrees of protection. The base line is essentially the same trailer as an open transport trailer with a canvas covering that surrounds the vehicles. This helps prevent any dirt from building up and prevents the rogue rock from falling. However, some people with classic or luxury vehicles may request a specialty type of enclosed transport trailer.

Some exotic vehicles have very little ground clearance. When you ship on a traditional trailer, you’re going to need to drive your car up the ramp to the trailer. The driver will take care of this as they are trained professionals to make sure everything goes well. However, if your car is too low to the ground or if you have aftermarket parts that could protrude out, you may not be able to get your car on the trailer this way. If this is the case, you’re going to need to use a hydraulic lift to get your car on the trailer. These hydraulic lift trailers don’t always carry as many vehicles as a traditional auto transport trailer.

Even though enclosed transport offers more secure shipping options, they are almost always going to be more expensive and take longer. Since there is a limited number of enclosed transport trailers on the road, the competition to get your car on a trailer is tougher. Also, enclosed transport trailers don’t always carry as many vehicles. When you ship your vehicle, you are essentially splitting the cost between the cars on the trailer. costs like gas, tolls, and specialty permits. If your car is the only car on the trailer, that all comes out of your pocket. That all can really start to add up if you have to ship your car a great distance.

However, for those with classic or luxury vehicles, enclosed transport trailers are probably the best option for them. Especially if your car has aftermarket parts or little ground clearance, enclosed transport may be your only option. When you ship using an enclosed transport, the key is to be flexible with your time. If you can be flexible, you can still try to save a few bucks, but it will not be as cheap as an open transport trailer.

The Best Option Depends on your Vehicle

Picking the best trailer for your shipment really just depends on what you’re shipping. The key is to find a reputable auto shipper who has great insurance and a variety of trucks. This way, you can still have plenty of options to safely transport your vehicle. If you’re looking for an auto shipping company, give Car Transport Chicago a call. Their live customer service representatives can walk you through the process and help you decide the best choice for your vehicle. You can get yourself an instant quote that includes industry-leading insurance right there in the price. Give them a call to see the options you have to safely transport your vehicle anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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