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Five Trucking Companies You Should Know By Now

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From YATRY to YCRW, there’s a wealth of power in the five trucking companies that essentially rule the world.

Sure, there are runner-ups that are worthy of a parade. However, the heavy-hitters expand beyond city streets and country freeways. These top-tier companies offer supply-chain management and lower costs for more destinations. Therefore, they have a wider demand. Rail, air and sea are also forms of transportation that the logistic lords offer.

Let’s go through each of the five trucking companies, from five to one.

YRC Worldwide Inc.

They collectively hold multiple freight shipping brands while allowing for supply-chain solutions in their business model. Various forms of their available transportation include long-haul national, regional and even international. They’ve made a revenue of $4.6 billion and list their stocks on NASDAQ.


Based out of China, BEST provides logistics control solutions while specializing in many useful services. This includes freight delivery, warehousing, cross-border supply chain and even merchandising. They’re listed on the New York Stock Exchange. $4.7 billion is their revenue.

Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings

Knight-Swift gives clients truckloads of options. For instance, some listed operations vary from irregular routes to dedicated, expedited, cross-border services. Brokerage and other freight management services are also available for rail freight. They exchange on NYSE and have a revenue of $4.8 billion.

Seino Holdings Co. Ltd.

Out of Japan comes a company wholly focused on truck, cargo and air transportation. Furthermore, other services they provide involve warehousing, customs brokerage, and insurance agency services. Interestingly enough, they offer mechanic assessment services to fix other trucks, passenger cars and automobile products. On top of that, Seino also markets paper and fuel products. Finally, the stock exchange they’re on is OTC with $5.7 billion dollars’ worth of revenue.

Yamato Holdings Co. Ltd.

Taking in the prize of being the largest trucking company in the history of trucking companies, Yamato offers delivery through various outlets. They take care of parcel delivery, distribution services, and appliance installation. They also offer information services. Speaking of information, they also exchange with OTC but have a much higher revenue. $15.2 billion.

You’ll be set for success in trucking management by understanding their influence on the market.

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