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Driving Safely in Chicago This Spring

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Spring is a beautiful season that brings people outdoors more.
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When driving around the “Windy City” in spring, it is important to remember some key details about the way of the road. The way of driving changes a bit, especially as the snow and winter weather melt away, so here are the key details to remember how to drive this season.

Drive slowly in the wind and rain.

Living in Chicago, you probably already know this one, but a reminder here and there never hurt anyone. When it rains, it can be very dangerous on the road as the pavement can be slicker. Driving slowly prevents slipping and hydroplaning. Additionally, wind can cause drivers to lose control of the wheel a bit more easily. You want to prepare properly for this as well by slowing down your driving as it can increase your chances of losing control to the power of the wind.

Keep sunglasses nearby; sun glare means business.

Sun glare can be pretty intense in spring. We suggest keeping a pair of sunglasses with you or in your car at all times to help ease the sun glare, at least a little bit. Furthermore, sun glare is typically at its worst around sunrise and sunset, so we suggest avoiding being on the road at that time whenever possible.

Understand who else you share the road with.

Obviously, the main group you share the road with is other drivers; however, in spring you usually have a few other parties to be aware of. For example, construction is most prominently being done in spring, so you could be sharing the road with construction work. Additionally, pedestrians and bicyclists are out and about more as the weather gets better and animals begin their activities after burrowing much of winter. This means that you need to be aware of possibly coming up on road work, people, or animals at any moment.

Prepare to fight allergies.

Spring is quite famously allergy season, as the pollen from flowers blooming is out in abundance, irritating the noses of people everywhere. Prepare for allergy season accordingly and know that sudden sneezes and coughs can affect your driving focus. Furthermore, many allergy medications cause drowsiness, so if you take one daily to combat allergies, learn more about how that medication may affect your driving.

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