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Door-to-Door Car Transport: How It Works

You are currently viewing Door-to-Door Car Transport: How It Works
Navigating residential streets is one of door-to-door's biggest challenges.
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One of the best things about working with Chicago Car Transport is that we make door-to-door shipping easy. This convenient service makes it so you don’t have to drive your car to and from any of our terminals. Instead, you can sit back and relax, knowing your car will come right to your new doorstep. But there are some challenges associated with this kind of shipping that our team has to take on. Here’s how we manage to pull off shipping that makes your life much easier.

Scheduling a Door-to-Door Car Transport Order Can Be Tough

When someone asks us to ship one of their cars door-to-door, the first thing we think about is scheduling. Sometimes, the person just wants to ship their car by itself in its own dedicated trailer. These trailers are usually called “hot shot” trailers, and they make scheduling easy for us. However, often times people would prefer to ship their car on an open trailer. While this means we have to find other people’s cars to ship with the original, we can handle this with ease. We also have to find and schedule the right driver because of the next point.

Our Haulers Have to Navigate Through Narrower Streets

Usually, car haulers can stay on major streets or interstates for most of their route. But most people don’t live on these major streets; in fact, they usually live on residential streets that have limited parking and are typically much more narrow. So, we need to schedule one of our experienced drivers who has the skills to navigate in tight spaces. Luckily, our drivers are well-trained and perfectly capable of keeping both yours and your neighbors’ cars perfectly safe while they drop your car off.

We’re Happy to Haul Your Car Door-to-Door!

The rest of the door-to-door shipping process is much the same as a usual car shipment. We happily offer this service because it’s just so much more convenient for our customers. We know how tough it can be to find the time to drop off and pick up your car while you’re in the process of moving. So let us come get your car, wherever it is, and ship it right to your new home!

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