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Chicago’s Grand Auto Collection

You are currently viewing Chicago’s Grand Auto Collection
The Klairmont Kollections is home to over 300 cars of all different types!
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Klairmont Kollections is housed in Chicago and is one of the largest auto collections in Illinois. It is a non-profit foundation that seeks to promote youth engagement in hobbies such as interest in automobiles. They actively work to educate youth and just any visitor history of automobiles. The museum was started by Larry Klairmont, a well decorated World War II veteran turned businessperson with a particular interest in car collecting.

The collection is home to more than three hundred different cars, some classic and eclectic, others award-winning and iconic.

The vehicles in the collection span from the early 1900s to modern day models. The collection began as a private collection before Klairmont ultimately decided to open it for public viewing.

The museum has a lovely private event space that can be rented out for any event. If you are a car enthusiast and have ever found yourself dreaming of hosting a corporate event, birthday party, or even a wedding reception surrounded by incredible cars, this is the opportunity for you.

In the museum, there is a separate, more focused exhibit that is open for viewing as well. This exhibit is the Made in Chicago Museum Exhibit. The exhibit is a separate organization that is just hosted within the Klairmont Kollections but is equally fascinating to visitors! The Made in Chicago Museum displays just about any and every historical or vintage item that was made in Chicago. The majority of the collection of objects comes from 1900 to 1970. You can see anything from matches, sewing machines, spices, and even ice skates.

The vision of Klairmont Kollections is to be a memorable, staple spot in Chicago and for car lovers across the country, and even around the world.

They want to remain a key in culture for car lovers everywhere. They also wish to continue the legacy of their founder, Larry Klairmont, and his passion for cars and car collecting.

The core values of the museum further show how enthusiastic they are about car collecting. They write that they are committed to upholding professional standards when maintaining the museum and automobiles in their collection. They remain committed to furthering the education for the youth in the area about automobiles.

If you are in the Chicago area, we highly recommend visiting the Kollection. It is an incredible sight to see.

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