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Chicago’s Best May Activities

You are currently viewing Chicago’s Best May Activities
The tulips are beautiful in the city!
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Do you live in Chicago or the surrounding areas and are just looking for some fun activities to do this May? Or are you planning a trip to visit the Windy City and need things to fill your tourist itinerary? Here is your one-stop guide to all of the best things to do in the city this May!

See the Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

If you are a lover of flora, you absolutely have to catch the cherry blossoms as they bloom in Chicago! We suggest you go catch them before they go, because cherry blossom blooms are known to be quite finicky. One of the best spots to see them in bloom is in Jackson Park by the Museum of Science and Industry!

See the Tulips in Bloom

To continue with the love of flowers, Chicago has a great spot to witness beautiful tulips in bloom! On Michigan Avenue, you can see thousands of tulips. Every fall, the city of Chicago will plant the bulbs so that in the spring they fill the area with beautiful flowers! You can keep the tulip trip going by heading out to the Richardson Farm’s Tulip Festival! This annual event includes fields of more than 30 different varieties of tulip!

Go Down the Chicago River by Kayak

One of the city’s treasures is the river that flows through it. Something not many know you can do is actually kayak down the water! Spring is a perfect time to do this outdoor activity as the sun will not be beating down on you too severely! It is such an incredible experience, as you kayak with incredible skyscrapers and active city life around you.

Catch a Water Boat Down the River

If kayaking is not your speed but you want to go down the river, you can instead take a ride on a different boat. One of the most popular options is the Donut Boat, which looks just like a donut! You can even rent a hot tub boat, which is just as you would guess, a hot tub on a boat!

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