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Chatham Education and Workforce Center Offers Job Training and More

You are currently viewing Chatham Education and Workforce Center Offers Job Training and More
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The Chatham Education and Workforce Center is a new venture and project. The community hopes to serve Chicagoans in many different ways inspiring hope and opportunity with the center’s grand opening on Tuesday.

Chatham Tour With an Unsavory Cast of Some of Political Non-Desirables

The tour of Chatham features Mayor Lori Lightfoot (not my favorite person and outright hypocrite), Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinckle, Congressman Bobby Rush (the authoritarian “liberal” author of the horrible bill – H.R. 6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone). Also, along with other officials and the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership got a tour of the new center at 640 East 79th Street.

Chatham Education and Workforce Center: Reinvigorating the Neighborhood

Moreover, revitalizing the Chatham neighborhood and becoming an engine of economic development. Therefore, the city officials want to believe the 11,000-square-foot-state-of-the-art center will give energy and power to the community.

A flexible space for community groups, classrooms, office space, and access to more than 20 programs and initiatives is where people can learn in the building. The curriculum includes learned skilled trades and computer coding and then getting access to career counseling as well.

Lip Service: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Delivers an Important Message

Don’t pass this moment by, I want to say to the employers who are watching or will be listening. In fact, the people who are training, show dedication, and are hardworking individuals deserve to have doors opened to them are here. Moreover, Mayor Lightfoot seriously intoned to the captive audience.

Boon to the South Side

Therefore, we must invest in our communities if we are to get the just, equitable world we all seek, Preckwinkle said. A boon to the South Side is the opening of the Chatham Education and Workforce Center.

Bobby Rush is Hardly a Hero but Creating this Center is Helpful to the Community at the Very Least

The development of the center goes to Congressman Bobby Rush according to local leaders. Rush led an effort to create something positive and uplifting in communities that were gripped by violence. This occurred after a terrible tragedy that happened in the Chatham neighborhood back in 2014.

Local leaders gave credit to the development of the center to Congressman Bobby Rush. He is responsible for spearheading this project. It is a ray of light to a community torn apart by the dark impulses of violence. It took place after a terrible tragedy that happened in the Chatham neighborhood. This was back in 2014 when special education teacher Dr. Betty Howard was struck by a bullet. Where she merely sat inside a real estate office. There was a gang dispute outside, according to police.

All services provided at the Chatham Education and Workforce Center will be free of charge.

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