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Can I Ship a Non-Running Car?

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The hard part of shipping a non-running car is getting it on the trailer
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Of course, you can ship a non-running car. However, there are some things you may need to know to make sure you’re not overpaying. The secret to making sure you can ship a non-running car is to make sure it can get on the trailer. Some cars need heavy machinery like a forklift to get them on the trailer. Some may need a winch system to drag them on. Both of these systems require extra work, hours, and cost. However, if you can fix up your car to ensure three little things, shipping a non-running car is a breeze. These things are if your car can roll, brake, and steer. As long as your car can do these things, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

It may be obvious to say that the more difficult a car is to ship, the more expensive it may be. For instance, some cars are in such disarray they have to go onto their own trailer. This could be because the vehicle has loose and protruding parts that could be a hazard to the other vehicles on the trailer. If your car needs to travel solo, it’s not going to be cheap. This is because drivers split the cost amongst all the cars on the trailer. These costs could be for fuel, permits, or even tolls. If your car is the only one, all those costs come out of your pocket.

Not All Non-Running Cars Are Alike

There are some cars that you just cannot ship. These cars, unfortunately, can’t make it on the trailer no matter how hard we try. Or they are hazards to other drivers on the road. This could be if your car is in the middle of a field or a hard to reach area like a crowded garage. If your car is like this, it might be best to test the roll, brake, and steer method. If you can roll your car to the curb, you can more than likely ship it. However, if it’s leaking fluid at an excessive rate, your car may be a hazard to other cars on the road. There may be nothing you can do. Shipping trailers won’t let cars go on a trailer if they’re going to ruin the trailer. It’s best to try to patch these holes before you call your shipping company.

However, shipping companies ship non-running cars every day. For the most part, it’s not a problem. You just need to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable and experienced shipping company. Car Transport Chicago has shipped cars for over 16 years, and there’s nothing they haven’t seen. Their experienced drivers can accommodate almost any non-running vehicle. Give them a call today and see how easy it is to ship your vehicle today!

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