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Aston Martin Releases $80,000 Racing Simulator Worth Trying

You are currently viewing Aston Martin Releases $80,000 Racing Simulator Worth Trying
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Aston Martin has decidedly become a luxury with not only their vehicles but also their cars. A race simulator has been seen as a very amazing vehicle. It comes with all sorts of bells and whistles. Not to mention that there has been a huge shift towards video games due to the pandemic as a whole. In such an instance, everyone was quick to upgrade their technology. So naturally, Forza Horizon got some much-needed gameplay.

Skip to nowadays and you see that Aston-Martin has produced an AMR-C01 with $80,000 carbon fiber material. It’s made to be one of the most insane driving games around today. The Aston Martin was able to recreate a specifically personal experience by using a 49-inch curved display. There’s also enough of a view to wrap the dash enough around the physical steering wheel.

The Hardware that Aston Martin released happens to be of 120 hertz while running at a resolution of 2K. Not quite the 4K or 8K resolution that one would usually figure. Installed as well is a graphics car in tune with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. This is all outpacing the rate of a 3080 chip set as well as a 3090 chip set. Involved also is an Intel processor. It’s almost too fast as a 10-core i9.

The hardware is sure trying however to wow the crowd. Can we be wowed? It is, after all, a specifically simulated experience. You’d be hard-pressed to be told that it’s the real thing. And it’s not like Aston Martin can’t produce the real thing.

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